Monday, 28 November 2011



I was watching my korean drama n later my sweety called..she was looking for a person who can accompany her for the entire dinner yeah, she called her friends and both of them were located in a distance location and one of them already ate..lastly, she asked me out and we released our "misses" towards each other..well, i did release mine but not a lot..just a few^_^;;..heee~...i will release everything when our official date will come in 5 days from today~..

great night...watched twillight, the breaking was ok..i give it like 7/10..less action..too much drama..ok2..drama is ok but at least show the climax^_^;; need to cut a lot of scenes lorr..."no need to shy"...hehehe~...seems too much cuts, looks like i have to download..hehehe~..can see EVERYTHING whats happening but the ending was very disappointing..huhuhu~..well, great night with my great love..

enjoy it pretty much even though it was only for a few hours..heee~

a love poem for ya~...

I’m walking around outside
Why am i so excited?
I keep looking at the mirror, touching my hair
I’m a bit weird^_^

My bust days feel just like we date
When you hold me
I forget everything for a moment
I feel like I’m in a different world
Your bright personality and the way you speak
You’re very special to me~

With you it’s alright
You make me laugh
Even my wounded heart
Smiles when I look at you <3

And I do the same as you
I smile just like you do
I also want to be
the person that you love

My childish thoughts, and my sadness heart
I’ll try and match them to you

Seems like my tears are coming out
I think I can understand this love
My heart goes faster then my legs
I’m getting closer to you every minute~

Just wait for me a bit more, just a bit more
With every little step
I become a good person as you expected

Love You Sweety n thanx for tonight^_^;;..

From Your Lover <3

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