Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birthday days

Birthday Celebration.

Well, my sweety's birthday and my birthday were quite close. Her birthday is on 3rd while im on the 5th...the best part for her was her birthday was on saturday n my one on monday..so, she gets the real birthday celebration lolol..from morning till night, we enjoyed it a LOT..hehehe..we celebrated her birthday at Midvalley and managed to arrive early^_^...during the morning, we book a movie ticket..the movie we watched was called "The Devil Inside"..well, the movie was kinda like a scary documentary type, so wasnt scary at all..besides, i like to watch that kind of movie..hehehe..my sweety was scared but i wasnt...but i was kinda disappointed with the ending..huhu..not good at all..

well, we ate our lunch at The Gardens near Midvalley..we went to this cafe called Pastis Cafe..even though the price is kinda costy but the food was marvelous..i really enjoyed it pretty much..hehehe..well, the best part is i gave my sweety an awesome present..it was a necklace that just arrived..hehehe..i waited for that necklace more than 2 weeks n the owner called me to get it..i wont tell u guys the price but its above RM100 ^_^;;..beside that, i gave her a teddy bear and godiva chocolate..she really loves chocolate so much n she expected that a Godiva chocolate because she never had one before..she told me this a month ago n it seems that I ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED her promise..hehehe..she loves it and im glad she does..

During the evening, we enjoyed eating some pancakes together..hehehe..it was nice n cheap though..after that, we went to KL to meet her friend named Amin along with his Gf, Leyla..we met them, talk and ate together..it was nice though..we left and so do them..my gf sent me back home early because she was too tired..so, i let this celebration ended early=)

Well sweety, we enjoyed pretty much on ur birthday..i hope u love the presents i gave to u n keep them as ur precious treasure..hehehe..owh yeah, my sweety bought me a blue coat from SEED..it was a coat that i was searching for the entire life since last yr..huhu..finally find it with a cheap price too..owh wow, im glad she's my sweety, my soulmate and my future awesome wife..hehehe..so attracted!!!



My birthday celebration

My birthday was held on Monday. My sweety promised to me that we will celebrate and enjoyed my birthday after my working hours..well, it seems that i did enjoyed but not too enjoyable..huhuu..we book a couple seat ticket to watch the movie Jack and Jill and ate our dinner at Old Town White Coffee..after that, we watched the movie and left the cinema like around 12 midnight..well, my birthday celebration was ok but not too awesome like my sweety's birthday celebration..huhuu..

according to what my heart says, i never celebrated my birthday for the entire day n in my entire life and i would love to make my birthday as happy and enjoyable as my sweety's had..i want my birthday to be the happiest thing in my life with my sweety because she will be the FIRST person to celebrate my birthday for a long time..but during my celebration, an unexpected incident happened..ok, my birthday was good but not great..i really really enjoy the time my sweety accompany me during my birthday but the only thing i really want is a LOVE attention..an attention where we will stare, talk and laugh each other without anything bothering us..just a simple favor, thats all..huhu..but its ok though..it was my fault for not telling my sweety n the next day, my bad n deep n painful sickness arrive..huhuu..at that night, i played futsal and talked with my sweety and ALHAMDULILLAH, everything went back to normal...^_^...


hugs n kisses will always spread towards you wherever you go..

love from
Hubby Abid <3