Saturday, 3 December 2011



Woke up around 815am, took a shower and prepared myself..head out like around 9am and went to my girl's house at bangi to pick her up..we went for a long drive on the highway liao~..quite ok..less traffic..heee~...went to mid valley megamall from my house area n it seems everything went ok though~..

well, by the time we arrived at mid valley, it was very difficult to find a parking the end, we parked our car near the GSC Cinema lol..luckily there were a lot of spaces n we managed to find a few spaces^_^...we went out and bought the tickets..ate our lunch at the Gardens afterwards..

I prayed, went around the toy stores and the animal shops..hehhee..just walking around and laugh each other <3....after that, we watched our movie, "Arthur Christmas" was hilarious and interesting to watch..ya'll better watch it liao~..quite2 interesting and I LOVE THE ANIMATION!!!

afterwards, we had our evening tea at Coffee Bean..I ordered Cappuccino, my girl ordered Ice Blended Double Chocolate and red velvet was nice, so does the price^_^...i prayed and went back home..sent my girl back and gave the awesome seems she likes it...hehehe=)..enjoy it and Love You Sweety <3

After sending her back, went to cyberjaya to pick up my lil sis at MMU but i was lost like 45 minutes at MMU..cant find where is last, i found it, near Mdec...heee~..well, I arrived home like around 1145pm and called my sweety..we confessed each other and may our love relationship remains forever...Amin <3...

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DATE...a lil tiring but FULL OF APPRECIATION~...Thanx for dating with me today sweety..

                                                                   The Gift I bought 

                                   A tiring day at KLCC after bringing my girl's new lappy^_^

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