Thursday, 29 December 2011



Currently I'm working part time as a Photographer and Graphic Designer..As for photographer, i take pictures of wedding, charity programs, small and big events, model photoshooting and much2 more..but im not the only person working under photography..i have a team that support me from the beginning till the end..later ya'll look at the link, k?..

Graphic Designer...hmmm..just do some editing like wedding albums, wedding covers, picture slideshows, business cards, templates, banners and others that are usual, im not doing this alone..i have other people who are working with me..kinda like partnership of course=)...

this is the link..even though we just started like a month but it turns out a big success..not too success but insyaAllah, my team members and I will target to make our photography business as success as other business are..THANK YOU and plz click the link..hehehe


Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Today, Wednesday 7th December, my girl and I promised to each other that we would open fast (puasa) yeah, we did..we went to the Jusco Cheras Selatan near my house and bought the movie tickets first..the movie was "ombak rindu", a romantic malay movie based on the novel itself..honestly we kinda dislike on watching malay movies in the cinema but it seems that a lot of people recommended us to watch it, so bought the tickets...after we bought the tickets, we went to the food court and opened fast over there=) was great and we shared our moments together, face to face ^_^...seeing her smile makes me comfortable all the time..heee~..<3

I prayed and later we went around the Jusco, you can say that as window shopping lolol..pretty obvious for every couple who has nothing to do..hehehe..we walked around and stayed at Mcd to use the wifi at the same time eating our small meal, chocolate sundae cornetto..damn..didnt eat that for a very long time liao~..hehehe..on 930pm, my gf's friend named Anne asked a favor to buy a chocolate bar for, we went inside the jusco before it closed and bought the bar..we chose Hazel Nut and i bet she will love it=)..hehehe..

Here it is, Ombak Rindu, the movie..we watched the movie from the start and i tried to catch the meaning of story..the storyline seems short and lacking but the performance of the characters were really the background and the venue where the actors/actresses did the acts but kinda disappointed with the storyline..i know i didnt read the novel but at least the director show's a lil exposure of the smoothness of the storyline..for example like twilight and harry potter..both movies are based on books and when they published it through the cinema, even though the story seems a lil short BUT the audiences managed to understand the concept and the overall story..

I gave ombak rindu 6.5/10..sorry fans=(..just saying my point of view as a student who took 2 semesters in film and broadcasting subjects=)..


A wish is a strong desire to achieve something, either can be achievable or not, depends on the faith that is put on. Well, before I left, i said to her a wish..this is what i said to her:-

Me - "Sweety..look at the it beautiful? will be a lot beautiful and prettier if the stars were around..over here in malaysia, there's no stars..kinda hard to find those stars but if other countries, definitely we can see the stars"..

my girl - smiling=)*..speechless~...

me - "did you know that the stars are bigger in size than the planet earth?..and how in the world can we see the stars from earth?..which means that the distance of the stars from the planet earth is very very far..huhuhu..even though the star's distance is quite far BUT we can see it from planet, let us apply the stars within our heart, within ourselves and within our love=)..for example, sweety, i love u so much and i know you love me too..we love, care, trust and support each other and we hope our love extend FOREVER..amin..distance isnt the excuse to be is our will, our faiths n our beliefs on our love to each other..if sweety moved (u go to penang n i stayed behind at KL), i will miss u a lot n love u like crazy and we will keep this moment as according to the flow~..which means, no matter where u go, no matter where you are n no matter what u do, i will always, always, always love you to the fullest..and same goes to u each other and insyaAllah, we will achieve all the promises that we made during our dating in the past..heee~..

No matter where you are, no matter where you go and no matter what you do in the future, your only hubby, Abid Safwan, will always support, guide, trust and love you to the fullest..

Sweety, I love You <3..

Sincerely from your hubby,

Saturday, 3 December 2011



Woke up around 815am, took a shower and prepared myself..head out like around 9am and went to my girl's house at bangi to pick her up..we went for a long drive on the highway liao~..quite ok..less traffic..heee~...went to mid valley megamall from my house area n it seems everything went ok though~..

well, by the time we arrived at mid valley, it was very difficult to find a parking the end, we parked our car near the GSC Cinema lol..luckily there were a lot of spaces n we managed to find a few spaces^_^...we went out and bought the tickets..ate our lunch at the Gardens afterwards..

I prayed, went around the toy stores and the animal shops..hehhee..just walking around and laugh each other <3....after that, we watched our movie, "Arthur Christmas" was hilarious and interesting to watch..ya'll better watch it liao~..quite2 interesting and I LOVE THE ANIMATION!!!

afterwards, we had our evening tea at Coffee Bean..I ordered Cappuccino, my girl ordered Ice Blended Double Chocolate and red velvet was nice, so does the price^_^...i prayed and went back home..sent my girl back and gave the awesome seems she likes it...hehehe=)..enjoy it and Love You Sweety <3

After sending her back, went to cyberjaya to pick up my lil sis at MMU but i was lost like 45 minutes at MMU..cant find where is last, i found it, near Mdec...heee~..well, I arrived home like around 1145pm and called my sweety..we confessed each other and may our love relationship remains forever...Amin <3...

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DATE...a lil tiring but FULL OF APPRECIATION~...Thanx for dating with me today sweety..

                                                                   The Gift I bought 

                                   A tiring day at KLCC after bringing my girl's new lappy^_^

Monday, 28 November 2011



I was watching my korean drama n later my sweety called..she was looking for a person who can accompany her for the entire dinner yeah, she called her friends and both of them were located in a distance location and one of them already ate..lastly, she asked me out and we released our "misses" towards each other..well, i did release mine but not a lot..just a few^_^;;..heee~...i will release everything when our official date will come in 5 days from today~..

great night...watched twillight, the breaking was ok..i give it like 7/10..less action..too much drama..ok2..drama is ok but at least show the climax^_^;; need to cut a lot of scenes lorr..."no need to shy"...hehehe~...seems too much cuts, looks like i have to download..hehehe~..can see EVERYTHING whats happening but the ending was very disappointing..huhuhu~..well, great night with my great love..

enjoy it pretty much even though it was only for a few hours..heee~

a love poem for ya~...

I’m walking around outside
Why am i so excited?
I keep looking at the mirror, touching my hair
I’m a bit weird^_^

My bust days feel just like we date
When you hold me
I forget everything for a moment
I feel like I’m in a different world
Your bright personality and the way you speak
You’re very special to me~

With you it’s alright
You make me laugh
Even my wounded heart
Smiles when I look at you <3

And I do the same as you
I smile just like you do
I also want to be
the person that you love

My childish thoughts, and my sadness heart
I’ll try and match them to you

Seems like my tears are coming out
I think I can understand this love
My heart goes faster then my legs
I’m getting closer to you every minute~

Just wait for me a bit more, just a bit more
With every little step
I become a good person as you expected

Love You Sweety n thanx for tonight^_^;;..

From Your Lover <3

Sunday, 27 November 2011



Well, future is the most important part within a human life...everyone seeks and tries to identify plans on making their future a huge success throughout faiths, love, education and family...future is unpredictable and only Allah decides our future path, not yeah, as for me, my future plans are listed below:-

  • After I finish my degree in Animation at UniKL, I decided to pursue my studies of Master Degree in Animation at UiTM Shah Alam..wana seek more knowledge and new ideas on addition, i will do a part time job in any animation studio=) usual, dating MUST have...hehehe..

An Example of a 3D Animation Character^_^
  • After Master degree, I have many choices ahead..which means, my job life can be identified in various ways...for example - 1) Becoming an Animation Lecturer at University Brunei Darussalam (already got the offer^_^)...2) Work as a 3D Animator in any animation studios in Malaysia...3) work overseas..probably in NY i guess..stay with my friends and work ovr there (IDK..not confirm yet)...BUT in my opinion, either number 1 and 2 are my main targets~...PHD AFTERWARDS!!!!

 Autodesk 3D Maya Software 2011
  • Want a miniCooper and a house owned by me before getting marry...
                                                          Mini Cooper without the roof

                                                            Mini Cooper with the roof

Mini Cooper Interior Design (Driver Cockpit)

  • After marrying with my beautiful wife (Amal Izzati <3 - InsyaAllah), wana fill up my room with gadgets, gundam toys and addition, have a piano and a pond consisted of gold fish..hehehe...
  • owh yeah, all my friends who know me r welcome to come to my wedding..hehehe..dreaming*

I think thats all..actually they are MORE but dont wana reveal everything..hehehe..

see ya guys around..good looks~..

Saturday, 26 November 2011



I woke up at 1230pm because I talked with my sweety till 3am liao~..huhuhu..anyway, I supposed to go to PutraJaya coz there's this wedding being was my mom's friend's daughter getting married..huhuhu..i didnt go coz my eyes were heavy and my mom said "if u dont wana go, there's a few "roti canai", curry puffs and nasi lemak on the table", i decided to continue my sleep~..

After I woke up, I took an awesome shower, prayed and started to create a short comic on how i met my girl^_^;; seems that when i finished my comic, everything i drew are more into Marvel other words, specific and full of figures..i tried to do anime-ish but it seems that my skills on anime has faded away=( yeah, i gave up and started to draw a couple hugging each other in one page^_^

My mom arrived home and asked me to pick up the clothes outside and i did=)...i continued my drawing and at 645pm, i called my sweety to recite the doa "akhir tahun" before maghrib together..later at 740pm, i called my sweety again to recite doa "awal tahun"..may our love relationship with her last forever..amin <3...

Bob called me to teach him how to take good pictures using camera dslr..i taught him the elements and the compositions and it seems that he understood pretty much^_^...after that, i supposed to call my sweety and talked for a long time but my old friend named umar asked me out to hang out with him n my friends..i called my sweety and apologized to her..i said "im sorry" a lot of times and she accepted and understood my apology..owh wow, im glad i met her..she's the best..heee~..Love You Sweetheart<3..

Bob, umar, i and other friends chilled at mamak, shisha and laughed together..hehehe...

end of story..

peace, no war..

Assalamualaikum and See You guys in the next post^_^

Friday, 25 November 2011



The entire day i edit a lot of wedding pictures..well, as you can see that i'm working part time in the editor yeah, my job is to take some photographs, upload them in photoshop, edit them n compile everything together in an album with creativity and passion^_^;;

owh yeah, i chat on skype with Thania, my spanish sister from Texas and well, I heard a LOT of stuff that made me sad and sympathy..dont worry girl, move on and start a new resolution with fresh and confidence...GOOD LUCK^_^

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I'm sorry. I'm deeply sorry of what I did sweety=(..

Love You.


Its been a long time i was a single boy. Its been more than a year i was single. Since last year on May 2010, i was single and until now, i mean, last 2 months, my new love life has come. A new life revealed and my life is completed. My jigsaw puzzle was completed because of a girl whom i met. I met this girl like last year but i wasnt close to her. I was close with her friend, Atty but after that, we never speak to each other. Last month around early September, she asked me out and i agree with her. First, we hang out in Times Square and we werent like couples lolol..we were normal friends who seek to know each other through communication, socializing and staring..hehehe
The moment i talk with her, i believe she’s the one. Her personality attracts me pretty much n i cant say it at that time coz i was the end, we ate lunch together, watch a movie and so on~..before i left, i sent her through the KL Monorail station and let her leave by herself=(..i felt kinda bad though~..but the weird part was we send back our messages NON-STOP on that day during the night..hahaha=D..
 As days passed by, so does our friendship are..our friendship became so close, including our characteristics and personality. She knows my weaknesses and i also know her weaknesses too..we shared a lot and in the end, she admitted that she likes and love me and in exchange, i admitted as well that i also loved her more and more.
 Cant believe that we love at the same love on her increase day by day..i confessed my feelings on her everyday through messaging, txting and in facebook..i even write love poems just for her. The reason i do this is because i love her so much n i really mean it..i cant describe how deep my love is..quite different than my previous love because i believe, this girl named AMAL IZZATI BINTI MOHD JAMIL is the perfect n right girl i have been looking for..remember, i didnt say “I HOPE”..i said “I BELIEVED”..believed – honest – sincere – trust – truth..
whenever i felt sad, she will always be there for me n whenever she feels sad, im always there for her too..she’s the i said baby, “i will do what ever it takes to treat you as kind, supportive, guide and caring girl within all my efforts..i will do everything to make u as mine forever..we will share our loves, problems and emotions together n if our problems become worse and worse, let us find the right solution and solve it with care, honest and loyalty..i know i cant solve all ur problems sweety but i can promise to u that u wont need to face them all alone”..
 This girl is mine..MINE FOREVER!..
I love her so damn much…
Muahxoxoxo from your awesome future husband,
Mohamad Abid Safwan

                                                                  AMAL IZZATI <3

                                          ME AND HER. I WAS SICK DURING THIS TIME

                                    THE BEAUTY OF HOLDING HANDS AS COUPLE DO

                                                     A GIFT FROM HER. LOVE IT


                                                                  ME AND HER <3




Weeks passed by and I was single for a week. I put my relationship status to single and a lot of my friends asked me desperately and wanted to know what happened. So yeah, everything were crazy. Even my family members wanted to know so badly. I didn’t tell them everything. I gave them a summary lol. Hahaha. A synopsis.

 Anyway, I went on Facebook like usual and began to start a new life. I moved on first and there was a girl who added me. Her name was fyqa ryry=D. Well, she looks hot lol. Hahhaa.=D The moment I went to her profile and looked at her photos, bloody hell, she’s hot! Hahhaa. Well, thats her in the past. She’s different now and I can tell by hearing her voice lol=D.

 Anyway, she asked me to add her on YM. I added her and we started to chat for a long time even though she had work on time lol. Then on night time, we talked on the phone. Owh yeah, she gave her phone number to me first and then I gave my phone number to her. So yeah, we talked like crazy and quite long. We shared everything and believed it or not, she has a lot of common stuff with me! Wa lao, everything what she likes, I also likes.

She is generous because she shared everything what she learned to the people who wanted to learn. Kinda like a teacher=D. She tutors me in Malay. Like the way she teaches me=D. And for hardworking, she works for a long time and helped her mom on the wedding part. She is definitely a hardworking girl. 

Well, I get to know everything positive inside her when I met her on Friday=D. We had lunch together and it was awesome. Her appearance really attracted me=D. Like the way she is especially her jokes, her laughter, her smile and her voice.  Well, kinda hard for us to go out and meet because she’s working and she’s busy on the weekend and also I, as a college student also busy with my assignments. So, I understand that part but like usual, hearing her voice made me happy, funny and not lonely. 

Couple for 3 weeks and she dumped me because I was too kind and caring. She doesnt want that. She wants rough guys. Well, my love on her has faded away. I don’t know if I’m suitable for her. I think she wants the guy that suit for her. I’m not. I’m just too kind and too soft-hearted guy. Should I change my attitude or shouldn’t I? Owh well, I just don’t know what to say but in simple, I’m back to single. I understand her life. Fyqa is a hardworking girl. She goes to work from morning till evening just to help her family. Her mom needs help and also her dad needs help too. Fyqa manages to work just for them.She’s busy all the time and it’s kinda hard for me to ask her out but its ok though. Well, she has a bf now and she didn’t tell me. Looks like i got dumped. I got played and I became single for a long time because my heart got stung by a needle. Huhuhu. Terrible because when im in love, i will do it seriously~



Well, my love life began slowly and slowly. I already mentioned to you guys about my love life when I was a kid in Australia, right? Well, I will tell you guys when I have my first love in NY and later in Malaysia=D. It happened when I started to talk to her. Her name was Thania Lorena Carpio. She’s half spanish and half italian. She’s from Ecuador and moved to NY due to family life. Well, we began to talk like usual but we weren’t like best friends before. Her best friends were Reynand, Nabila and Sophia. Each of them, we called by their nickname. For example, Reynand as Rey Rey and Sophia as Chinamama. 

So yeah, it was great back then lol. We were in the same class together. Chemistry class. I started to sit next to her all the time lol. People thought that I was Thania’s bf but we weren’t. There was a girl named Devika who likes to bother me. Hahaha. She’s crazy but cool! A japanese freak and like to color her hair. Hahaha. She likes to tease me all the time and I think her hug was the best lol. Hahaa. She hugs everyone lol.

 Since then, Thania had a lot of problems in Chemistry and sometimes when I needed to know the topics that would be in the test, I would call her. So yeah, I called her and started that time, we started to talk every night lol. We talked like mad long! Hahaha. From 10pm till more than 1am lol. Wa lao, that was freaking long! Sometimes my mom scolded at me for talking for a long time but owh well, I didn’t bother. I talked more and more! Well, the first time we chilled together along with our friends were on the Spring break. Me, Reynand, Thania and Sophia went to the movie theatre to watch a horror movie called “Haunting in Connecticut” and later chilled in Quickly’s, a place where bubble tea were made.  

Well, we talked like usual and the more I hear her voice, the more I felt happy. I didn’t give up. I confessed my feelings on her and finally, we get to be together. I gave her courage and talked about relationship. Love doesn’t matter in distance. The only thing that matters is us. Our honesty. When the time had arrived to show that we have a new gf/bf, that will be the time where we have to show our honesty and tell the truth. 

So yeah, Thania and I went out together but it was hard for me to ask her out. She had a curfew lol.  We only able to go out only twice, thats all. Back then, I was a patient guy. I didn’t feel any harsh feelings on her because I understand her life, her problems and her situations. When the last day arrived where me, her and my other friends chilled out, we went to the park to play volleyball, chilled at the park and bought some bubble tea in Quickly’s. It was fun and we enjoyed. Well, that was the last time, three weeks before I left NY=[

My love on her came to an end due to a big confusion and misunderstanding towards each other. We broke up because a big wall separated us and CONFUSION overwhelmed our entire distance relationship. I get confused and so does she. In the end, we agreed to become best friends and now, I'm calling her SISTER!!..She has a bf now and I'm glad she's happy^_^ Now she's at Texas, studying and trying to accomplish her goal as a Chiropractor~..

Peace, No War and Thania, thanks for everything. Dont forget to invite me to your wedding..hehehe~..My wife and I will come, depends on the situation=)

Thats her alright..Only got one picture..took it from internet..hehehe..


When I arrived Malaysia, bloody hell, it was hot. By the time I arrived KLIA, my body was cooled and fresh. When the time the automatic door open, Wa lao, the hot weather hit on me and after 5 minutes, my body was sweating like hell yo! A big van was waiting for us and the driver picked our luggage and our stuff. He later put everything in the back of the car and we went on. Only my dad and my youngest bro, Nazreen came to see us. My grandma, my cousins, my aunts and my uncles didn’t come because they were busy.

 So, when I arrived my house, wa lao, I missed that house. My house didn’t change at all. No changes at all. Just a terrace house with no stairs lol. Compare the house in NY, hahaha, the house in NY is much better. Well, I arrived and put all my stuff. Took a long rest and woke up. 

My uncle came to visit and his family saw us. Wa lao, he felt shock because I changed especially my height, my appearance and my hairstyle. All of them felt shocked including my cousins. In the evening, I walked around and met my old friends. They felt shocked that I changed a lot and the way I speak was different. Different than before. 
My Malay got worst and worst but my English was freaking good! Well, I love to speak English. Thats in my dictionary lol. 
Well, I chilled and relaxed for a long time and suddenly, my mom asked me to find and survey any colleges I wanted to enter. I decided to enter LimKokWing University. My parents and I went to that University, located at CyberJaya and I had an interview. CyberJaya is located 1 hour from my house. Wa lao, that is long! The guy asked me a lot of questions in English and he liked the way I spoke. The American Accent. He also told me why I like to take animation as my degree course. I told him everything and he said that I was an interesting guy. He welcomed me and accepted me to be a student in that University. I felt happy but my dad said, let us see the fee. Wa lao, very costly because the University is an International University, where student from different countries gathered and studied together under the same Uni. My dad said “we will think about it”. 

By the time we arrived my house, my dad read his newspaper and saw a 2nd intake for students in UniKL, University Kuala Lumpur. UniKL is located in the Capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. So basically, that University is near my dad’s office, many public transportation were provided, our house is 30 minutes nearby, shopping mall are everywhere and everything what I needed are basically in that area. 
So yeah, I decided to enter UniKL and take the course I really wanted, Bachelor of Multimedia Technology in Computer Animation Design. Beside, the fee is much cheaper than in LimKokWing and the only difference is that the facilities in LimKokWing is much better than UniKL. This course is basically more into Animation rather than Graphic Design. So yeah, I lot of drawings! 
When I entered the first day, I had no friends and didn’t know the rules. I entered and started to meet new friends. All of them were Malays except I have two foreigner friends named Ismail from Maldives and Farnoosh from Iran. They cool. Owh, my malay friends were Fairdaus, Raffiq, Dwan, Faiz, Syafik, Dilla, Nabila, Nordiana, Pa, Ain, Razi, Azizan, Yun, Nasa, Adiaa and much much more. I can’t tell all the names because until now, I have a lot of friends. A LOT!!!!. So yeah, my loneliness became happiness due to my friend’s support and encouragement. All of them are taking the same course as I do, Animation. So yeah, all the people whom I talked and met, all of them are my besties=D. So yeah, I have no harsh feelings on them and never had a fight with them. They are the best but the weird part is I’m taking degree in a young age. So basically, all of them are more than 20 years old lol. So yeah, they are still my best friends and now, I’m having my semester break, kinda hard for me to see them because they lived far away. They lived in a different state. Well, to keep in touch, FACEBOOK is there. Hahaha=D. So anyway, this is the end of my blog. 



My sis and I skipped our grade from grade 11th to grade 12th. We weren’t smart. It was a situation where we have to leave NY at the same time finish our studies in a short time. Kinda sucks because I graduated with people whom I didn’t know. Some of them I knew but If I graduated with my friends, definitely I will enjoy my graduation ceremony.  When we told this situation to my director of Biztek, Mr. Rios, he gave us the requirement to graduate High School on time and also he gave us extra classes so that we could have enough credits to graduate.


There were a few communities you may enter:-
  • Biztek(business+technology)
  • Pre-Med(medical stuff like doctor)
  • Humanities(art, politics, human resources)
  • Public service and law(lawyer, police, detective)
  • Pre-Teaching(dictator, teacher, communicator)
  • Theatre(acting, singing, modeling). 


Our assignments were doing credit hours more than 24 hours, write a 20 pages essay about Economy and 15 pages essay about politics in US. Well, for me, writing was easy. Opps, not writing, typing lol. BLOODY HELL IF IT WAS IN WRITING.  Hahahha. Anyway, my sis and I managed to graduate on time and finished everything with a satisfying mark. I got Earth Science-78, Chemistry-72 and American History-92. I love American History lol. The day had arrived. The day of my graduation. Wa lao, the graduation was okay but I prefer to graduate with my friends=].



Well, after my graduation, I went to Singga’s Pizza in Elmhurst Avenue and ate a lot lol. I ate and ate and went back home with a big tummy. Well, my sis, my mom and I went out a lot of places. We went shopping, bought new clothes and accessories for our cousins and our uncles in Malaysia, went to a few places to take some pictures, went to a parade in Manhattan (I forgot that Parade’s name), and went to a few parks in NYC. Well, we did everything before we left. 

When the last week arrived, we started to pack up, bought a new luggage and put all our clothes in a box lol. Our luggage was filled with our personal belongings. The box was filled with our extra clothes lol. Then, we received an invitation letter to eat dinner in my mom’s friend’s house in Manhattan. We ate, talked, chilled and said goodbye to them=[. We came back home, get some rest and the following day, we packed up our stuff again. 
Well, I rested for a while and started to call all my friends that I would be leaving soon. All of them said farewell to me and I replied them with the same answer, goodbye=[ and hope to see you soon. Well, I had a few days left and I chilled a few of my friends for while. We chilled and talked for the last time and headed home with a gloomy face. I would miss them. Well, we met the owner of the house and said goodbye to her. She was a generous lady. She's Indonesian, a muslim one and she lets us to use her house just like we used our own house even though we just rented a room. In malay "Buat lah macam rumah sendiri". Kinda like that. Well, my mom took a picture of me in that house along with my sister. We took a lot of pictures lol but in this blog, you will see only one. Hahaha=D.


Then, the car arrived and picked up our stuff and our luggage. We went in and we arrived at the Newark Airport like 45 minutes later on. Wa lao, that was quick because basically, it took us more than an hour to get there but since that time, there weren’t any traffic jams, our journey was smoothed and no disturbances lol on the street. I slept in that car and by the time we arrived, we took a picture again and again. My mom just couldn’t resist on taking pictures lol. Well, since she was excited because she couldn’t wait to be in Malaysia, the battery in the camera ran out. Hahaha.=D I started to laugh but at the same time, I felt sad because I would miss my friends a lot. We ate, talked for the last time with Aunty Nurul and later on, we departed=[. OFF WE GO TO MALAYSIA!



Well, lets continue my story when I entered my 10th grade (Sophomore year) on September 2007. When I entered, I managed to meet my old friends and my old teachers. Everyone changed especially their hair lol. Some of them, their hair were colored and some of them used to have long hair and later when I saw them, they had short hair lol. In addition, the way they wore were different. Which means their fashion. Their style. 


I received my schedule and just like usual, my classes ended at 3:36pm. On the other hand, I only had a few classes with my sister. I think like 3 classes we had the same. The rest of the classes, we had different teachers. The best thing about that year was I get to choose any foreign language I desired. I could choose Latin, Spanish, Hebrew, French or Arabic. Wa lao, I thought Japanese was available and I went to the AP Principal to meet one of my closest teacher, Mr. Follyga. He works as a Foreign Teacher lol. He can speak 8 foreign  languages fluently! Well, I asked him and he said that majority of students don’t have any interest in Japanese and beside, there aren’t any teachers who learned or speak Japanese in this area. Wa lao, I felt shocked and took Spanish instead. 


That spanish class was okay. Luckily I have a few of my friends who were in the same class as me, Bushraa, Prabhdeep, Amara, Irfan, Alan and Mamadou’. Well, since I knew Prabhdeep like last year (that time), I sat next to him and we were partners till the end of that school year. 


Owh yeah, to know about the education, every year at the end, there will be an exam week which is called “Regents Week”. Regents refer to Exam Papers. High School Standards. In order to graduate High School, I needed to pass 5 main exam papers with a score more than 65. If i got below 65, that will be a failure! Wa lao, in Malaysia, if i get below 40, than I fail but in NY, below 65, I will fail like that! Wow. Anyway, my teacher said it is better to get more than 70. Between 65 and 69 is kinda like so so. So yeah, the 5 main subjects were English, Biology, Earth Science/Chemistry, World History, American History and Math A (kinda like additional Math). 


Well, in my grade 9 year, I only took Biology and Math A. I passed both of them lol with a score of 82 in Biology and 83 in Math A. Well, since I passed the test with a good score, before I took the exam, I negotiated with my dad lol. If i get more than 80, I want a PSP. Since I passed both subjects more than 80, he gave me the money to buy the PSP version 1000. Wa lao, after a few months, the new PSP version 2000 came out. Owh man, much better if i buy that new version instead of the new one. Furthermore, my older brother bought PS2 (That time PS3 wasn’t in the market yet lol), my lil bro-Izzuddin, he got good grades so my dad bought him Nintendo DS. For my youngest bro, he got a Gundam Toy lol. Model Gundam Providence from the anime series “Gundam Seed Destiny”. owh, my sister got an Ipod Nano for her great score and her achievement in the school. 


Ok, lets move on. In my grade 10 year, I passed World History and English with a score of 89. Same score lol. Hahaha=D Well, that year, the most closest friends were Prabhdeep and Nithin. The rest of my friends weren’t close yet because most of them had different classes than I had. Well, thats them alright. Well, months passed by and I entered my 11 grade (Junior year). This time, I only have a few classes with my friends. The only person I get a few classes with my friend was only Nithin Varghese. Damn, this guy is funny and friendly. Well, he’s okay and the way we chilled and talked were like UNPREDICTABLE. 
We just talk crappy stuff and funny jokes lol. 


In addition, there was this new guy I met in my Basketball class. His name was Reynand Cano. Damn, this guy was awesome and unbelievable funny. He’s from Philippine and we spent a lot during our breaks, chilling, playing basketball, hanging out after school and on the breaks. It was awesome and he was like my asian brother to me. For your information, that is how I get the word “CHINO”. He called me that because I looked like Japanese/Chinese lol but actually I’m Malay and I have a lil bit of Japanese blood in me (My dad’s side lol). So yeah, in addition, a few people when I played basketball with them, they also started to call me by that name, CHINO because they thought I was a cool asian kid. Wa lao, cool eh? 


Well, my bond with him as friends were so intimate until we chilled with our other sisters such as Thania Carpio, Sophia Chen and Nabila Islam. I met these girls from my chemistry class. (MY LOVE LIFE WILL BE IN A DIFFERENT PARAGRAPH…WILL BE MENTION SOON..PLS KEEP READING IT IF IT IS ENJOYABLE=D). 


For me, my chemistry class was the best. I had the best chemistry teacher and his named was Mr. Joseph but we call him Mr. Joe in short term. He was mad funny and made us laugh. In addition, he even curses lol. For example “All you MOTHERFUCKERS, give me your FUCKING homework. If you guys didnt do it, you guys are FUCKED UP!”. Hahaha=D. The best teacher I ever had. He even gave us examples so that we could understand chemistry easily. He was an awesome teacher and the best teacher I ever had in my ENTIRE LIFE! In that class, there were other friends I used to chill such as Devika, Taranvir, Marven, Umer, Rajbir, Tauhid, Paul, Gurwinder, and other cool people. That class was great. 


Owh yeah, this guy named Gurwinder, he’s kinda weird lol. People called him stupid and crazy but I called him a weirdo. I remembered the first time I met him and the first time I saw him on the first day of school. He brought a lot of food from DUNKIN DONUTS lol. He ate like damn, like a monster. Like a person who didn’t eat for a week lol. Hahaha.=D and also with his ice-blended drink, wa lao, damn, he ate a lot. Owh well, people called him stupid but he’s smart actually, its just that the way he acted was immature and childish, thats all. He has a soft and kind heart, from my point of view. He treated me as a friend and kinda dislike when he bothered me. Kinda GAYISH lol. Hahaa=D. Anyway, he was a great guy. 


Well, not only him, there were other people I trusted and cared. All of them were my best friends. Friends I will never forget. They helped me out when I need help, they improved they way I am, they changed my inner self to a new complete chino and now I’m here, acting the same way as I did when I was in NY. All of my attitudes, the way I talk and the way I act were because of them. I wouldn’t be prefect without them. Thanx guys. I really appreciate it. 


On November 2008, my parents called me, my older bro and my sis to come to their room. My dad told me that the Tourism of Malaysia was having a problem that they couldn’t fix. They needed my dad’s help because he was one of the elite and one of the trustworthy director in that company. My dad told us that we have to leave on December 27th 2008. I told my dad “How about the 4 years contract?. It can’t slip away easily and beside, I’m Junior and I have a year and a half to graduate High School”. My dad understands my situation and also the rest. My older brother was in LaGuardia Community College, my sis and I were in High School, my lil bro-Izzuddin was in Middle School and my youngest brother-Nazreen was in Primary School. My dad told us that he had sent an appeal letter but still, the Malaysian Government didn’t approve that letter. They wanted my dad so badly. That appeal letter was a letter my dad wrote about the situation we had. Our educational life and also he mentioned to the Malaysian Government that he wanted to complete the 4 years contract, unfortunately the Malaysian Government didn’t approve his letter. In exchange, my dad told us that the Malaysian Government gave me and my sis to finish up my grade 11 year with an additional 6 months. Which means that from January till the end of June. That was the limit. So, after my dad, my two younger brothers and my older bro left, my mom, my sis and I stayed till June. We rent a small house in Grand Avenue lol. Kinda small but only for a short time to stay. Just 6 months=D.

My family before they leave NY and head towards Malaysia. Only me, my sis and my mom stayed behind to finish up my high school era