Sunday, 27 November 2011



Well, future is the most important part within a human life...everyone seeks and tries to identify plans on making their future a huge success throughout faiths, love, education and family...future is unpredictable and only Allah decides our future path, not yeah, as for me, my future plans are listed below:-

  • After I finish my degree in Animation at UniKL, I decided to pursue my studies of Master Degree in Animation at UiTM Shah Alam..wana seek more knowledge and new ideas on addition, i will do a part time job in any animation studio=) usual, dating MUST have...hehehe..

An Example of a 3D Animation Character^_^
  • After Master degree, I have many choices ahead..which means, my job life can be identified in various ways...for example - 1) Becoming an Animation Lecturer at University Brunei Darussalam (already got the offer^_^)...2) Work as a 3D Animator in any animation studios in Malaysia...3) work overseas..probably in NY i guess..stay with my friends and work ovr there (IDK..not confirm yet)...BUT in my opinion, either number 1 and 2 are my main targets~...PHD AFTERWARDS!!!!

 Autodesk 3D Maya Software 2011
  • Want a miniCooper and a house owned by me before getting marry...
                                                          Mini Cooper without the roof

                                                            Mini Cooper with the roof

Mini Cooper Interior Design (Driver Cockpit)

  • After marrying with my beautiful wife (Amal Izzati <3 - InsyaAllah), wana fill up my room with gadgets, gundam toys and addition, have a piano and a pond consisted of gold fish..hehehe...
  • owh yeah, all my friends who know me r welcome to come to my wedding..hehehe..dreaming*

I think thats all..actually they are MORE but dont wana reveal everything..hehehe..

see ya guys around..good looks~..

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