Thursday, 24 November 2011


Its been a long time i was a single boy. Its been more than a year i was single. Since last year on May 2010, i was single and until now, i mean, last 2 months, my new love life has come. A new life revealed and my life is completed. My jigsaw puzzle was completed because of a girl whom i met. I met this girl like last year but i wasnt close to her. I was close with her friend, Atty but after that, we never speak to each other. Last month around early September, she asked me out and i agree with her. First, we hang out in Times Square and we werent like couples lolol..we were normal friends who seek to know each other through communication, socializing and staring..hehehe
The moment i talk with her, i believe she’s the one. Her personality attracts me pretty much n i cant say it at that time coz i was the end, we ate lunch together, watch a movie and so on~..before i left, i sent her through the KL Monorail station and let her leave by herself=(..i felt kinda bad though~..but the weird part was we send back our messages NON-STOP on that day during the night..hahaha=D..
 As days passed by, so does our friendship are..our friendship became so close, including our characteristics and personality. She knows my weaknesses and i also know her weaknesses too..we shared a lot and in the end, she admitted that she likes and love me and in exchange, i admitted as well that i also loved her more and more.
 Cant believe that we love at the same love on her increase day by day..i confessed my feelings on her everyday through messaging, txting and in facebook..i even write love poems just for her. The reason i do this is because i love her so much n i really mean it..i cant describe how deep my love is..quite different than my previous love because i believe, this girl named AMAL IZZATI BINTI MOHD JAMIL is the perfect n right girl i have been looking for..remember, i didnt say “I HOPE”..i said “I BELIEVED”..believed – honest – sincere – trust – truth..
whenever i felt sad, she will always be there for me n whenever she feels sad, im always there for her too..she’s the i said baby, “i will do what ever it takes to treat you as kind, supportive, guide and caring girl within all my efforts..i will do everything to make u as mine forever..we will share our loves, problems and emotions together n if our problems become worse and worse, let us find the right solution and solve it with care, honest and loyalty..i know i cant solve all ur problems sweety but i can promise to u that u wont need to face them all alone”..
 This girl is mine..MINE FOREVER!..
I love her so damn much…
Muahxoxoxo from your awesome future husband,
Mohamad Abid Safwan

                                                                  AMAL IZZATI <3

                                          ME AND HER. I WAS SICK DURING THIS TIME

                                    THE BEAUTY OF HOLDING HANDS AS COUPLE DO

                                                     A GIFT FROM HER. LOVE IT


                                                                  ME AND HER <3



  1. i pray for both of ur happiness , love each other till the end