Thursday, 24 November 2011



Well, my love life began slowly and slowly. I already mentioned to you guys about my love life when I was a kid in Australia, right? Well, I will tell you guys when I have my first love in NY and later in Malaysia=D. It happened when I started to talk to her. Her name was Thania Lorena Carpio. She’s half spanish and half italian. She’s from Ecuador and moved to NY due to family life. Well, we began to talk like usual but we weren’t like best friends before. Her best friends were Reynand, Nabila and Sophia. Each of them, we called by their nickname. For example, Reynand as Rey Rey and Sophia as Chinamama. 

So yeah, it was great back then lol. We were in the same class together. Chemistry class. I started to sit next to her all the time lol. People thought that I was Thania’s bf but we weren’t. There was a girl named Devika who likes to bother me. Hahaha. She’s crazy but cool! A japanese freak and like to color her hair. Hahaha. She likes to tease me all the time and I think her hug was the best lol. Hahaa. She hugs everyone lol.

 Since then, Thania had a lot of problems in Chemistry and sometimes when I needed to know the topics that would be in the test, I would call her. So yeah, I called her and started that time, we started to talk every night lol. We talked like mad long! Hahaha. From 10pm till more than 1am lol. Wa lao, that was freaking long! Sometimes my mom scolded at me for talking for a long time but owh well, I didn’t bother. I talked more and more! Well, the first time we chilled together along with our friends were on the Spring break. Me, Reynand, Thania and Sophia went to the movie theatre to watch a horror movie called “Haunting in Connecticut” and later chilled in Quickly’s, a place where bubble tea were made.  

Well, we talked like usual and the more I hear her voice, the more I felt happy. I didn’t give up. I confessed my feelings on her and finally, we get to be together. I gave her courage and talked about relationship. Love doesn’t matter in distance. The only thing that matters is us. Our honesty. When the time had arrived to show that we have a new gf/bf, that will be the time where we have to show our honesty and tell the truth. 

So yeah, Thania and I went out together but it was hard for me to ask her out. She had a curfew lol.  We only able to go out only twice, thats all. Back then, I was a patient guy. I didn’t feel any harsh feelings on her because I understand her life, her problems and her situations. When the last day arrived where me, her and my other friends chilled out, we went to the park to play volleyball, chilled at the park and bought some bubble tea in Quickly’s. It was fun and we enjoyed. Well, that was the last time, three weeks before I left NY=[

My love on her came to an end due to a big confusion and misunderstanding towards each other. We broke up because a big wall separated us and CONFUSION overwhelmed our entire distance relationship. I get confused and so does she. In the end, we agreed to become best friends and now, I'm calling her SISTER!!..She has a bf now and I'm glad she's happy^_^ Now she's at Texas, studying and trying to accomplish her goal as a Chiropractor~..

Peace, No War and Thania, thanks for everything. Dont forget to invite me to your wedding..hehehe~..My wife and I will come, depends on the situation=)

Thats her alright..Only got one picture..took it from internet..hehehe..

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