Thursday, 24 November 2011



Weeks passed by and I was single for a week. I put my relationship status to single and a lot of my friends asked me desperately and wanted to know what happened. So yeah, everything were crazy. Even my family members wanted to know so badly. I didn’t tell them everything. I gave them a summary lol. Hahaha. A synopsis.

 Anyway, I went on Facebook like usual and began to start a new life. I moved on first and there was a girl who added me. Her name was fyqa ryry=D. Well, she looks hot lol. Hahhaa.=D The moment I went to her profile and looked at her photos, bloody hell, she’s hot! Hahhaa. Well, thats her in the past. She’s different now and I can tell by hearing her voice lol=D.

 Anyway, she asked me to add her on YM. I added her and we started to chat for a long time even though she had work on time lol. Then on night time, we talked on the phone. Owh yeah, she gave her phone number to me first and then I gave my phone number to her. So yeah, we talked like crazy and quite long. We shared everything and believed it or not, she has a lot of common stuff with me! Wa lao, everything what she likes, I also likes.

She is generous because she shared everything what she learned to the people who wanted to learn. Kinda like a teacher=D. She tutors me in Malay. Like the way she teaches me=D. And for hardworking, she works for a long time and helped her mom on the wedding part. She is definitely a hardworking girl. 

Well, I get to know everything positive inside her when I met her on Friday=D. We had lunch together and it was awesome. Her appearance really attracted me=D. Like the way she is especially her jokes, her laughter, her smile and her voice.  Well, kinda hard for us to go out and meet because she’s working and she’s busy on the weekend and also I, as a college student also busy with my assignments. So, I understand that part but like usual, hearing her voice made me happy, funny and not lonely. 

Couple for 3 weeks and she dumped me because I was too kind and caring. She doesnt want that. She wants rough guys. Well, my love on her has faded away. I don’t know if I’m suitable for her. I think she wants the guy that suit for her. I’m not. I’m just too kind and too soft-hearted guy. Should I change my attitude or shouldn’t I? Owh well, I just don’t know what to say but in simple, I’m back to single. I understand her life. Fyqa is a hardworking girl. She goes to work from morning till evening just to help her family. Her mom needs help and also her dad needs help too. Fyqa manages to work just for them.She’s busy all the time and it’s kinda hard for me to ask her out but its ok though. Well, she has a bf now and she didn’t tell me. Looks like i got dumped. I got played and I became single for a long time because my heart got stung by a needle. Huhuhu. Terrible because when im in love, i will do it seriously~

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