Monday, 4 June 2012



This month was the month of where I continued my internship and the month where my sweety left to her hometown, Penang. Well, this month, I focused on my internship quite much but my sweety will always be in the top. Like usual as days passed by, my misses on her increases one by one. I cant describe how important she is because she changed me a lot though. From loneliness and sorrow till supportive and happiness. I'm glad she's in my life now and ever. As for me, I will just stick to the flow and try to be the best bf she ever had. And also will try my best to save and extend this love relationship at all cost. Hehehe. Basically this month was the month of misses. There weren't any major arguments we had together. Just we missed each other so much till we skype almost everyday and call before we slept. Even though I worked hard as an intern and she stays at home, waiting her approval to become a teacher but still, my time for her for sure will always be free.


8 Months being together and we were together like usual. Our love bond and our sadness increases due to many problems and major mistakes we faced together. Some of them she caused it and MOST of them I started first. Well, basically its my fault and a few punishments I received such as bedtime stories, singing unexpectedly and have to buy her REAL FLOWERS, sadly I dont know where I can buy those flowers lolol. Well, this month, I finished my internship and continued my work as a CRO of TGV Cheras Selatan. You can say that I'm working part time in the cinema. Furthermore, I need to work out a lot though. My biceps and triceps were shrinking rapidly and kinda sad on my condition. Seriously I need to work out my ass off. Owh yeah, as a Final Year student in Animation, I needed to organize a few planning for my project. This project will determine my future. If I dont do this right, for sure I'm dead and wont have bright future ahead. So, I'm putting all my effort on this work. Indeed now I got a few offers to work at Cyberjaya and Shah Alam but still, I want to work in a better place with big income. People say that Animation wont make you rich. Well, thats incorrect. What important is the efforts and creativity you have to shown. If no effort, no money laa..aiyaaa!!!..My target for this year is I want to buy two smartphones. iPhone 5 and Blackberry/Sony Xperia. iPhone is guarantee but the second one, not confirm yet. Feel like want to replace that with PS3 first lolol. Ok, change topic to my feelings on my sweety. Ummm, I love you so much sweety and I miss you a lot. 2 months we didnt meet up and I think I will cry when I meet you soon next month. Hehehe. Sorry for crying but you already know how well your hubby is. Huhuhu. XOXO


Continue my work in the Cinema and waiting to meet up my adorable and lovely sweety at Penang. Penang, here I come!!! Hehehe ^_^ Can't wait to meet up her family though. Gotta intimate my bond with them. Hehehe

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birthday days

Birthday Celebration.

Well, my sweety's birthday and my birthday were quite close. Her birthday is on 3rd while im on the 5th...the best part for her was her birthday was on saturday n my one on, she gets the real birthday celebration lolol..from morning till night, we enjoyed it a LOT..hehehe..we celebrated her birthday at Midvalley and managed to arrive early^_^...during the morning, we book a movie ticket..the movie we watched was called "The Devil Inside"..well, the movie was kinda like a scary documentary type, so wasnt scary at all..besides, i like to watch that kind of sweety was scared but i wasnt...but i was kinda disappointed with the ending..huhu..not good at all..

well, we ate our lunch at The Gardens near Midvalley..we went to this cafe called Pastis Cafe..even though the price is kinda costy but the food was marvelous..i really enjoyed it pretty much..hehehe..well, the best part is i gave my sweety an awesome was a necklace that just arrived..hehehe..i waited for that necklace more than 2 weeks n the owner called me to get it..i wont tell u guys the price but its above RM100 ^_^;;..beside that, i gave her a teddy bear and godiva chocolate..she really loves chocolate so much n she expected that a Godiva chocolate because she never had one before..she told me this a month ago n it seems that I ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED her promise..hehehe..she loves it and im glad she does..

During the evening, we enjoyed eating some pancakes was nice n cheap though..after that, we went to KL to meet her friend named Amin along with his Gf, Leyla..we met them, talk and ate was nice though..we left and so do gf sent me back home early because she was too, i let this celebration ended early=)

Well sweety, we enjoyed pretty much on ur birthday..i hope u love the presents i gave to u n keep them as ur precious treasure..hehehe..owh yeah, my sweety bought me a blue coat from was a coat that i was searching for the entire life since last yr..huhu..finally find it with a cheap price too..owh wow, im glad she's my sweety, my soulmate and my future awesome attracted!!!



My birthday celebration

My birthday was held on Monday. My sweety promised to me that we will celebrate and enjoyed my birthday after my working hours..well, it seems that i did enjoyed but not too enjoyable..huhuu..we book a couple seat ticket to watch the movie Jack and Jill and ate our dinner at Old Town White Coffee..after that, we watched the movie and left the cinema like around 12 midnight..well, my birthday celebration was ok but not too awesome like my sweety's birthday celebration..huhuu..

according to what my heart says, i never celebrated my birthday for the entire day n in my entire life and i would love to make my birthday as happy and enjoyable as my sweety's had..i want my birthday to be the happiest thing in my life with my sweety because she will be the FIRST person to celebrate my birthday for a long time..but during my celebration, an unexpected incident happened..ok, my birthday was good but not great..i really really enjoy the time my sweety accompany me during my birthday but the only thing i really want is a LOVE attention where we will stare, talk and laugh each other without anything bothering us..just a simple favor, thats all..huhu..but its ok was my fault for not telling my sweety n the next day, my bad n deep n painful sickness that night, i played futsal and talked with my sweety and ALHAMDULILLAH, everything went back to normal...^_^...


hugs n kisses will always spread towards you wherever you go..

love from
Hubby Abid <3

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Desktop


It all started when I asked my dad for a new desktop because in my animation working place, we have to bring our own laptop or desktop. Since we will do a lot of assignments and mini projects, a great performance desktop must have. So, I asked my dad to buy me one, in exchange, he gave me the money to buy it.

January 7th 2012

Before I bought the desktop, I picked up my girl at 11am and went straight to LowYat Building located at KL. This lowyat place is the centre of attention when it comes to technology and gadgets=). When I arrived, my girl and I went to Times Square to meet my best friend, Fye along with his other friends, Rayn, Bob, and Dilla. First, we went to play bowling and it seems that I defeated all of them..hehehe^_^

After that, we grabbed some wendy's, ate, talked and laughed together out loud. Hehehe. It was fun and my girl managed to meet up my friends^_^. After lunch, Rayn and Bob had their own plans, so Dilla and Fye followed and accompanied me instead=).

All of us went to the highest floor that sells many cheap desktop parts. The shop was called Thunder Match. Fye and I took the list paper, found a place to sit and choose the suitable parts for my new desktop.

These are the parts I bought:-

  • Monitor - 24" Samsung S24A350H LED monitor with HDMI input. Touch screen menu.
  • Desktop Casing - Cooling Master Elite type. Gaming Style.
  • Power Supply - Cooling Master Power Supply 500 watts. Wisely chosen. 
  • Optical Drive/CD/DVD ROM Drive - Samsung Optical Drive. 32x maximum speed.
  • RAM Memory - 4gb RAM Kingston DDR3 1333 DIMM PC8500/10666. Quick motion.
  • Hard Disk - Seagate 1 TB/7200/64mb/SATAll ADVANCE FORMAT a.k.a 1000gb
  • Mainboard/Motherboard - ASUS P8P67 Motherboard. Badass Motherboard!!!
  • Processor - Intel Processor Core i3-2100. Great performance.
  • Graphic Card - ATI RADEON HD6670/HDMI/DVI/DDR3 Graphic Card. Gaming and Animation
  • Keyboard - Cordless Logitech Keyboard. No cable. Bluetooth keyboard, batteries apply.
  • Mouse - Mouse for Gaming. 

PS/: after a few months, will upgrade my RAM Memory to 8gb, processor from i3 to i5 and the Graphic Card till DDR5 from DDR3.

My girl and I waited for a long time for the desktop to set up and repaired. On 745pm, I met my girl's older brother, Syafik. He's studying at UM (University Malaya) taking Master Degree and wow, his hobbies and interests are similar to mine. We talked a lot of stuff and it seems that we have a lot of in common. Beside, it seems that he enjoyed talking to me.Hehehe..sorry for not talking to you sweety. Man to man talk. Hehehe

I sent my girl back home and I arrived home safely. Wow, a tiring day but it was awesome. Why? Finally I got a new desktop.


Sunday, 1 January 2012



DECEMBER 31 2011

Today is the day. Finally I was able to celebrate NYC (New Year Countdown) in Malaysia. Never celebrated one before=). So, I waited for my girl and we went together to KLCC by her car and managed to arrive our destination on 1215pm. Wow, that was early and we had plenty of time to relax and hang out around KLCC. First, we bought 2 seats of "The Darkest Hour" which will start at 3pm. We did some window shopping, bought a few stuff at the Guardians and ate our lunch at KFC. That time, I was hungry but my girl wasnt but still, in the end, both of us started to starve. Hahaha=D. After eating, we went window shopping coz my girl wants to buy one or two shirts or blouses coz Big Sales were happening in every shop but all of the shops sold their manufactures in a high price. In conclusion, she didnt buy anything.

We watched "The Darkest Hour" and it was boring. Too much effects (I like it) but the storyline seems NOT TOO CATCHY. kinda like that. After that, we felt that we wana watch another movie called "Sherlock Holmes" but the time that the movie would start would be very late. Instead, we watched "Hell's Gate" that would start at 730pm. Since we had plenty of time, we went to kinokuniya, did some window shopping and hang around at the KLCC lake. Time to watch Hell's Gate n it was bloody boring..huhu. Feel kinda regret after we bought the movie tickets..huhu..

The time has arrived. My girl and I along with Dilla and her bf, Amir went outside to see the concert n it was bloody crowded. Damn. We stood up for a long time and our legs were kinda aching. We sat down and waited and waited. Dilla tried to find the restroom but couldnt find. She texted me and told me that the place is bloody crowded and hard to go out. So, my girl and I tried to go out and it was very very very complicated. THE WORST DAY I EVER HAD!!! Never expected this would happen. Moving through the crowds, stampeded, pushing, stomping, quarreling and full of begging on saying "Excuse me". I even started to feel so mad and started to curse out loud. I DONT CARE FOR SHIT!! What i really care is my safety and my girl's safety as well. I want both of us to be in good shape and I dont want anything bad happened to my girl. If she's in a bad condition, i will seriously cry and feel guilty. Huhuhu. 

After we managed to get out, I discovered that I lost 2 things!!!=(. My favorite tennis sweater from NY and my camera DSLR's filter. Looks like i have to buy a new sweater huh? and the camera filter is quite cheap, so no need to worry about it. BUT luckily our wallet still have beside us. Without our wallet, we r doom!!. We searched for our car like 30 minutes and Dilla and her bf, Amir tag along with us. We went to HR Steak House to grab something to eat=). We ate like crazy coz we were bloody hungry. at 245pm, we left and said "Bye" to them. My girl and I left the place and went straight home. A sweet moment but a bad day for both of us=(. Next time, dont wana celebrate NYC again.

JANUARY 1 2012

Wow, going out again huh? Now this date is a lot better and a lot safer. hehehe. Well, we decided to go to Midvalley to do some shopping spree. Actually, today, i supposed to go to a meeting. A photography meeting but it seems that 3 people couldnt make it due to personal issues. Idk their problems so the meeting delayed till tomorrow. Well, we arrived at Midvalley at 120pm and bought the movie tickets first. We wana watch Sherlock Holmes at 3pm but it seems that its already full. So, we chose the 730pm instead=). Since we had a lot of free time, we at our lunch at Burger King, did some window shopping and at LAST, I was able to replace my lost sweater with a brand new TOPMAN sweater. seems nice and comfortable. Hehehe. as for my girl, we went a lot of places. Walk, stop, walk, stop, walk, stop. Wow, my legs were about to loose out. hahaha=D cant believe that walking while shopping made me tired but my girl, she wasnt tired. ffffuuuu. She's great and she would try anything just to get a shirt or two pairs of it. Love Her Indeed <3

Finally she found a great shirt for her and we went around again n again. My throat started to dry but my girl's throat wasnt. I was totally surprised and amazed with her. I bet my future daughter will be just her mommy. shopping and never get tired. Hehehe. well, we watched sherlock holmes and it was marvelous. a great movie. The movie ended at 910pm and we went home straight away but during our way, we felt hungry and went out to eat our dinner. We ate, laughed and talked to each other, side by side, like a couple always do.

Love is very precious to me and my girl is my LOVE. She's so precious to me and dont wana lose her. She's so passionate, kind, understandable and errrgghhh..SHE's THE BEST!! I'm glad that Allah had show me the perfect girl that can accompany me to my last breathe.

Amal Izzati, I love you and thanks for both days. You were great and tired. Your eyes were aching and your legs were in a tiring mode but still, you drove the car for me. ( i wana drive but ur car has no P sticker ). hehehe..dont worry, my P sticker will expired this upcoming April. Hehehe. Well sweety, thank you once again and still, you are the best GIRL i ever had.


Ps/: Lots of hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxo

A surprise will come*

Thursday, 29 December 2011



Currently I'm working part time as a Photographer and Graphic Designer..As for photographer, i take pictures of wedding, charity programs, small and big events, model photoshooting and much2 more..but im not the only person working under photography..i have a team that support me from the beginning till the end..later ya'll look at the link, k?..

Graphic Designer...hmmm..just do some editing like wedding albums, wedding covers, picture slideshows, business cards, templates, banners and others that are usual, im not doing this alone..i have other people who are working with me..kinda like partnership of course=)...

this is the link..even though we just started like a month but it turns out a big success..not too success but insyaAllah, my team members and I will target to make our photography business as success as other business are..THANK YOU and plz click the link..hehehe


Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Today, Wednesday 7th December, my girl and I promised to each other that we would open fast (puasa) yeah, we did..we went to the Jusco Cheras Selatan near my house and bought the movie tickets first..the movie was "ombak rindu", a romantic malay movie based on the novel itself..honestly we kinda dislike on watching malay movies in the cinema but it seems that a lot of people recommended us to watch it, so bought the tickets...after we bought the tickets, we went to the food court and opened fast over there=) was great and we shared our moments together, face to face ^_^...seeing her smile makes me comfortable all the time..heee~..<3

I prayed and later we went around the Jusco, you can say that as window shopping lolol..pretty obvious for every couple who has nothing to do..hehehe..we walked around and stayed at Mcd to use the wifi at the same time eating our small meal, chocolate sundae cornetto..damn..didnt eat that for a very long time liao~..hehehe..on 930pm, my gf's friend named Anne asked a favor to buy a chocolate bar for, we went inside the jusco before it closed and bought the bar..we chose Hazel Nut and i bet she will love it=)..hehehe..

Here it is, Ombak Rindu, the movie..we watched the movie from the start and i tried to catch the meaning of story..the storyline seems short and lacking but the performance of the characters were really the background and the venue where the actors/actresses did the acts but kinda disappointed with the storyline..i know i didnt read the novel but at least the director show's a lil exposure of the smoothness of the storyline..for example like twilight and harry potter..both movies are based on books and when they published it through the cinema, even though the story seems a lil short BUT the audiences managed to understand the concept and the overall story..

I gave ombak rindu 6.5/10..sorry fans=(..just saying my point of view as a student who took 2 semesters in film and broadcasting subjects=)..


A wish is a strong desire to achieve something, either can be achievable or not, depends on the faith that is put on. Well, before I left, i said to her a wish..this is what i said to her:-

Me - "Sweety..look at the it beautiful? will be a lot beautiful and prettier if the stars were around..over here in malaysia, there's no stars..kinda hard to find those stars but if other countries, definitely we can see the stars"..

my girl - smiling=)*..speechless~...

me - "did you know that the stars are bigger in size than the planet earth?..and how in the world can we see the stars from earth?..which means that the distance of the stars from the planet earth is very very far..huhuhu..even though the star's distance is quite far BUT we can see it from planet, let us apply the stars within our heart, within ourselves and within our love=)..for example, sweety, i love u so much and i know you love me too..we love, care, trust and support each other and we hope our love extend FOREVER..amin..distance isnt the excuse to be is our will, our faiths n our beliefs on our love to each other..if sweety moved (u go to penang n i stayed behind at KL), i will miss u a lot n love u like crazy and we will keep this moment as according to the flow~..which means, no matter where u go, no matter where you are n no matter what u do, i will always, always, always love you to the fullest..and same goes to u each other and insyaAllah, we will achieve all the promises that we made during our dating in the past..heee~..

No matter where you are, no matter where you go and no matter what you do in the future, your only hubby, Abid Safwan, will always support, guide, trust and love you to the fullest..

Sweety, I love You <3..

Sincerely from your hubby,

Saturday, 3 December 2011



Woke up around 815am, took a shower and prepared myself..head out like around 9am and went to my girl's house at bangi to pick her up..we went for a long drive on the highway liao~..quite ok..less traffic..heee~...went to mid valley megamall from my house area n it seems everything went ok though~..

well, by the time we arrived at mid valley, it was very difficult to find a parking the end, we parked our car near the GSC Cinema lol..luckily there were a lot of spaces n we managed to find a few spaces^_^...we went out and bought the tickets..ate our lunch at the Gardens afterwards..

I prayed, went around the toy stores and the animal shops..hehhee..just walking around and laugh each other <3....after that, we watched our movie, "Arthur Christmas" was hilarious and interesting to watch..ya'll better watch it liao~..quite2 interesting and I LOVE THE ANIMATION!!!

afterwards, we had our evening tea at Coffee Bean..I ordered Cappuccino, my girl ordered Ice Blended Double Chocolate and red velvet was nice, so does the price^_^...i prayed and went back home..sent my girl back and gave the awesome seems she likes it...hehehe=)..enjoy it and Love You Sweety <3

After sending her back, went to cyberjaya to pick up my lil sis at MMU but i was lost like 45 minutes at MMU..cant find where is last, i found it, near Mdec...heee~..well, I arrived home like around 1145pm and called my sweety..we confessed each other and may our love relationship remains forever...Amin <3...

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DATE...a lil tiring but FULL OF APPRECIATION~...Thanx for dating with me today sweety..

                                                                   The Gift I bought 

                                   A tiring day at KLCC after bringing my girl's new lappy^_^