Thursday, 29 December 2011



Currently I'm working part time as a Photographer and Graphic Designer..As for photographer, i take pictures of wedding, charity programs, small and big events, model photoshooting and much2 more..but im not the only person working under photography..i have a team that support me from the beginning till the end..later ya'll look at the link, k?..

Graphic Designer...hmmm..just do some editing like wedding albums, wedding covers, picture slideshows, business cards, templates, banners and others that are usual, im not doing this alone..i have other people who are working with me..kinda like partnership of course=)...

this is the link..even though we just started like a month but it turns out a big success..not too success but insyaAllah, my team members and I will target to make our photography business as success as other business are..THANK YOU and plz click the link..hehehe


Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Today, Wednesday 7th December, my girl and I promised to each other that we would open fast (puasa) yeah, we did..we went to the Jusco Cheras Selatan near my house and bought the movie tickets first..the movie was "ombak rindu", a romantic malay movie based on the novel itself..honestly we kinda dislike on watching malay movies in the cinema but it seems that a lot of people recommended us to watch it, so bought the tickets...after we bought the tickets, we went to the food court and opened fast over there=) was great and we shared our moments together, face to face ^_^...seeing her smile makes me comfortable all the time..heee~..<3

I prayed and later we went around the Jusco, you can say that as window shopping lolol..pretty obvious for every couple who has nothing to do..hehehe..we walked around and stayed at Mcd to use the wifi at the same time eating our small meal, chocolate sundae cornetto..damn..didnt eat that for a very long time liao~..hehehe..on 930pm, my gf's friend named Anne asked a favor to buy a chocolate bar for, we went inside the jusco before it closed and bought the bar..we chose Hazel Nut and i bet she will love it=)..hehehe..

Here it is, Ombak Rindu, the movie..we watched the movie from the start and i tried to catch the meaning of story..the storyline seems short and lacking but the performance of the characters were really the background and the venue where the actors/actresses did the acts but kinda disappointed with the storyline..i know i didnt read the novel but at least the director show's a lil exposure of the smoothness of the storyline..for example like twilight and harry potter..both movies are based on books and when they published it through the cinema, even though the story seems a lil short BUT the audiences managed to understand the concept and the overall story..

I gave ombak rindu 6.5/10..sorry fans=(..just saying my point of view as a student who took 2 semesters in film and broadcasting subjects=)..


A wish is a strong desire to achieve something, either can be achievable or not, depends on the faith that is put on. Well, before I left, i said to her a wish..this is what i said to her:-

Me - "Sweety..look at the it beautiful? will be a lot beautiful and prettier if the stars were around..over here in malaysia, there's no stars..kinda hard to find those stars but if other countries, definitely we can see the stars"..

my girl - smiling=)*..speechless~...

me - "did you know that the stars are bigger in size than the planet earth?..and how in the world can we see the stars from earth?..which means that the distance of the stars from the planet earth is very very far..huhuhu..even though the star's distance is quite far BUT we can see it from planet, let us apply the stars within our heart, within ourselves and within our love=)..for example, sweety, i love u so much and i know you love me too..we love, care, trust and support each other and we hope our love extend FOREVER..amin..distance isnt the excuse to be is our will, our faiths n our beliefs on our love to each other..if sweety moved (u go to penang n i stayed behind at KL), i will miss u a lot n love u like crazy and we will keep this moment as according to the flow~..which means, no matter where u go, no matter where you are n no matter what u do, i will always, always, always love you to the fullest..and same goes to u each other and insyaAllah, we will achieve all the promises that we made during our dating in the past..heee~..

No matter where you are, no matter where you go and no matter what you do in the future, your only hubby, Abid Safwan, will always support, guide, trust and love you to the fullest..

Sweety, I love You <3..

Sincerely from your hubby,

Saturday, 3 December 2011



Woke up around 815am, took a shower and prepared myself..head out like around 9am and went to my girl's house at bangi to pick her up..we went for a long drive on the highway liao~..quite ok..less traffic..heee~...went to mid valley megamall from my house area n it seems everything went ok though~..

well, by the time we arrived at mid valley, it was very difficult to find a parking the end, we parked our car near the GSC Cinema lol..luckily there were a lot of spaces n we managed to find a few spaces^_^...we went out and bought the tickets..ate our lunch at the Gardens afterwards..

I prayed, went around the toy stores and the animal shops..hehhee..just walking around and laugh each other <3....after that, we watched our movie, "Arthur Christmas" was hilarious and interesting to watch..ya'll better watch it liao~..quite2 interesting and I LOVE THE ANIMATION!!!

afterwards, we had our evening tea at Coffee Bean..I ordered Cappuccino, my girl ordered Ice Blended Double Chocolate and red velvet was nice, so does the price^_^...i prayed and went back home..sent my girl back and gave the awesome seems she likes it...hehehe=)..enjoy it and Love You Sweety <3

After sending her back, went to cyberjaya to pick up my lil sis at MMU but i was lost like 45 minutes at MMU..cant find where is last, i found it, near Mdec...heee~..well, I arrived home like around 1145pm and called my sweety..we confessed each other and may our love relationship remains forever...Amin <3...

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DATE...a lil tiring but FULL OF APPRECIATION~...Thanx for dating with me today sweety..

                                                                   The Gift I bought 

                                   A tiring day at KLCC after bringing my girl's new lappy^_^