Saturday, 26 November 2011



I woke up at 1230pm because I talked with my sweety till 3am liao~..huhuhu..anyway, I supposed to go to PutraJaya coz there's this wedding being was my mom's friend's daughter getting married..huhuhu..i didnt go coz my eyes were heavy and my mom said "if u dont wana go, there's a few "roti canai", curry puffs and nasi lemak on the table", i decided to continue my sleep~..

After I woke up, I took an awesome shower, prayed and started to create a short comic on how i met my girl^_^;; seems that when i finished my comic, everything i drew are more into Marvel other words, specific and full of figures..i tried to do anime-ish but it seems that my skills on anime has faded away=( yeah, i gave up and started to draw a couple hugging each other in one page^_^

My mom arrived home and asked me to pick up the clothes outside and i did=)...i continued my drawing and at 645pm, i called my sweety to recite the doa "akhir tahun" before maghrib together..later at 740pm, i called my sweety again to recite doa "awal tahun"..may our love relationship with her last forever..amin <3...

Bob called me to teach him how to take good pictures using camera dslr..i taught him the elements and the compositions and it seems that he understood pretty much^_^...after that, i supposed to call my sweety and talked for a long time but my old friend named umar asked me out to hang out with him n my friends..i called my sweety and apologized to her..i said "im sorry" a lot of times and she accepted and understood my apology..owh wow, im glad i met her..she's the best..heee~..Love You Sweetheart<3..

Bob, umar, i and other friends chilled at mamak, shisha and laughed together..hehehe...

end of story..

peace, no war..

Assalamualaikum and See You guys in the next post^_^

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