Monday, 4 June 2012



This month was the month of where I continued my internship and the month where my sweety left to her hometown, Penang. Well, this month, I focused on my internship quite much but my sweety will always be in the top. Like usual as days passed by, my misses on her increases one by one. I cant describe how important she is because she changed me a lot though. From loneliness and sorrow till supportive and happiness. I'm glad she's in my life now and ever. As for me, I will just stick to the flow and try to be the best bf she ever had. And also will try my best to save and extend this love relationship at all cost. Hehehe. Basically this month was the month of misses. There weren't any major arguments we had together. Just we missed each other so much till we skype almost everyday and call before we slept. Even though I worked hard as an intern and she stays at home, waiting her approval to become a teacher but still, my time for her for sure will always be free.


8 Months being together and we were together like usual. Our love bond and our sadness increases due to many problems and major mistakes we faced together. Some of them she caused it and MOST of them I started first. Well, basically its my fault and a few punishments I received such as bedtime stories, singing unexpectedly and have to buy her REAL FLOWERS, sadly I dont know where I can buy those flowers lolol. Well, this month, I finished my internship and continued my work as a CRO of TGV Cheras Selatan. You can say that I'm working part time in the cinema. Furthermore, I need to work out a lot though. My biceps and triceps were shrinking rapidly and kinda sad on my condition. Seriously I need to work out my ass off. Owh yeah, as a Final Year student in Animation, I needed to organize a few planning for my project. This project will determine my future. If I dont do this right, for sure I'm dead and wont have bright future ahead. So, I'm putting all my effort on this work. Indeed now I got a few offers to work at Cyberjaya and Shah Alam but still, I want to work in a better place with big income. People say that Animation wont make you rich. Well, thats incorrect. What important is the efforts and creativity you have to shown. If no effort, no money laa..aiyaaa!!!..My target for this year is I want to buy two smartphones. iPhone 5 and Blackberry/Sony Xperia. iPhone is guarantee but the second one, not confirm yet. Feel like want to replace that with PS3 first lolol. Ok, change topic to my feelings on my sweety. Ummm, I love you so much sweety and I miss you a lot. 2 months we didnt meet up and I think I will cry when I meet you soon next month. Hehehe. Sorry for crying but you already know how well your hubby is. Huhuhu. XOXO


Continue my work in the Cinema and waiting to meet up my adorable and lovely sweety at Penang. Penang, here I come!!! Hehehe ^_^ Can't wait to meet up her family though. Gotta intimate my bond with them. Hehehe